Shaykh Bin Baz Very Careful Spent His Time

Concerning the Imaam, the Shaykh – ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ibn Baaz (rahima-hullaah), his son Ahmad narrates that he valued his time to such an extent that:

“He was so careful about how he spent his time, to the extent that every second of his time had great value; Even while he was sitting in the car, he would be busy in some aspect of knowledge, either dictating (notes) or listening.”

His son Ahmad goes on to mention that: “A number of books were read to the Shaykh whilst in the car, and from amongst them were the following:

Majmoo’ Fataawa ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibraaheem (rahima-hullaah);
Ighaathatul-Lufhaan of Ibn al-Qayyim (rahima-hullaah);
al-Iqnaa’ of Ibn al-Mundhir (rahima-hullaah);
Kitaab Marwiyaatal-La’n fis-Sunnah.

And this was in addition to a number of other smaller texts.”

al-Imaam Ibn Baaz – duroos wa mawaaqif wa ‘ibar – Page 13


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