Apa Agama Yesus Kristus?

An intriguing lecture exploring the true religion of the Jesus the Messiah.  The lecturer explains the Islamic belief in Jesus (based upon Quranic  evidence) and challenges the listener to produce a clear emphatic  text from the Bible supporting the modern-day Trinitarian belief of Jesus being God and an object of Worship. Using primarily textual evidence (from a variety of sources, Muslim and non-Muslim) and sound reasoning, the audience is encouraged to adopt the actual religion of the beloved Prophet Jesus, the same religion as Moses, Abraham and Muhammad (may Allaah be pleased with all of them), that being the religion of tawheed (monotheism).

A poignant exchange between the lecturer and the attendees follows in the Q&A period; this lecture is an important eye-opener and an inspirational plea to one who truly loves Jesus, to follow his religion and to worship his Lord, the Creator of all.

Download Audio Mp3 Apa Agama Yesus Kristus?

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  1. penerjemah a.k.a arif rakhman | Balas

    sumber aslinya mana? sebaiknya perlu dicantumkan darimana Anda mengambil artikel tersebut. bukankah Nabi melarang mengambil milik orang lain tanpa izin darinya? mencantumkan link setidak-tidaknya menunjukkan bahwa kita menghormati karya cipta intelektual…

    Di file download itulah sumbernya bung. trackback jg udah saya lakukan.

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